About Exodus, Rescue & Care

Exodus logo cuadradoThe association Exodus, Rescue & Care was founded in March 2015 with the main objective of promoting and defending the rights of every person—paying special attention to children—that has been considered as a refugee according to the Constitution of the International Organization for Migration or other international agreements, or belonging to a different community that has been forced to leave their country due to race, religion, nationality or political stance and cannot return to it.

Motivated by the massive wave of refugees arriving to European soil in the past few months, Exodus Rescue & Care is an initiative that strives to save as many lives as possible and help alleviate the increasingly difficult situation at the European borders. Our work entails a comprehensive plan of action in collaboration with the Spanish Government that begins with the rescue of refugees from their point of entry and finishes with their relocation to safety in Spain.

Once within Spanish borders, Exodus Rescue & Care provides temporary accommodation at its residential facilities and commits to carrying out a national search to find a safe location for the refugees to be able to live without fearing for their lives. Exodus, Rescue & Care has already established relationships with several centers and organizations across Spain that are willing to take in refugees and offer them a new life.

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